Promotion Disclaimer

Promotion Code & Disclaimers

This program constitutes a promotion to participate in which such participation is in the receiver’s (“Recipient”) sole discretion. The offer set forth should not in anyway be taken as investment advice and the Recipient may not take any correspondence regarding this promotion in either written or oral forms, as investment advice or as a recommendation to purchase interests in or participate in the club in which the promotion is providing credits. It is understood that information and explanations related to the terms and conditions of the interests provided in this promotion shall not be considered investment advice or a recommendation to participate, and that neither mogul Technologies Inc.(“mogul”) nor the investment club itself nor any of their

affiliates is acting or has acted as an advisor to the Recipient in deciding to participate. Recipient has the sole discretion to participate and should read all material promulgated by the club that is the subject of this promotion carefully. Participation is in Recipient’s sole discretion.

Participation in the club comes with the potential to receive no benefit whatsoever and there is no guarantee that the club will make a profit. The interests come with significant restrictions as outlined in the club’s governing documents which can be found here. You should review all data promulgated by the club and by accepting this promotion, Recipient agrees that it has done so.

Past performance of other clubs in no way will bear on the performance of the club offered herein. By participating, you expressly WAIVE ALL CLAIMS you may have against mogul or the club, or their officers, members, directors, employees, agents, or contractors except as may be expressly provided elsewhere in the governing agreement of the club. All disclaimers regarding investment in any club on the mogul platform are incorporated by reference herein and you agree to abide by the same. These can be found here.